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A Tale of Two Blooms: Unveiling the Meaning of Pink and Red Roses

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For centuries, roses have been one of the best flowers to gift someone special to you. They come in various colors to pass across the perfect message you wish to convey to the receiver. However, this article will focus on two popular colors - pink and red roses. This exquisite duo combines the passionate language of red roses with the gentle charm of pink blooms, creating a perfect balance of emotions.

We aim to unveil what these two roses mean, the myth behind them, and how you can use them to spice up your friendship or romantic relationship.


Pink And Red Roses Meaning


Roses are the best for expressing how you feel through flowers. However, you must understand what each color of a rose means to express yourself correctly. Below are what the pink and red color roses mean. 

red roses meaning

Red Roses Meaning

Red roses are by far the most popular roses used across cultures for centuries to convey your true intentions to your lover. They symbolize love, passion, and romance. You can use them as gifts during a wedding anniversary, Valentine's Day, or to express your deep love for someone. In addition, the deep red roses can be used to prove to someone that you're ready for a long-term commitment.

Pink roses meaning

Pink Roses Meaning

Pink roses are used to show gratitude and express admiration for someone special. They're perfect gifts for those who've come through for you in the past, and you wish to thank them. You can also use them as gifts for proms, engagement parties, and baby showers. This will help people understand you're gifting someone special even though you are not romantically involved with the person.


The Myth Behind Red Roses


The history behind the red roses has remained consistent over the years. There are many variations of the myth behind red roses, but the most accepted one can be traced back to ancient Greek mythology. The story of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, and her mortal lover, Adonis, gave the rose flower its meaning and what it symbolizes.

Legend has it that Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis. He was wounded by a wild boar, and upon hearing the news, the goddess rushed to him in a bid to rescue her lover. 

However, Adonis was dead when she got to him, which made her cry. Her tears, mixed with his blood, fell upon a white rose, forming a red bloom. 

The myth behind red roses about Aphrodite and Adonis love

Another version talks about the Roman goddess Venus (also referred to as Aphrodite), who loves Adonis. It was said that there was a plot against Adonis, which got Aphrodite worried since her lover was a mortal and could die. When she attempted to save her lover on the ill-fated day, she cut her foot on a thorn bush, and her blood stained the white roses in the bush. This formed the red roses that symbolize your unconditional love for someone. 

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What Do Pink Roses Mean In A Relationship?


Pink roses carry many meanings and serve different purposes in a relationship. They are gifts to show gratitude for a sweet relationship you share with someone. You can also use them to express admiration for someone you look up to in a relationship. Since we understand the nuances of relationships, here are different stages of a relationship that you can symbolize with a pink rose.

Happy woman received a Pink roses bouquet

New Relationships
In the blossoming stages of a new relationship, a bouquet of red roses might feel a tad too intense as flowers for your girlfriend. Pink roses, with their softer shades, offer the perfect balance.

Their delicate color conveys admiration and affection, a gentle way to express your growing feelings. Pink roses also symbolize joy and appreciation, making them a lovely token of gratitude for spending time together.

New milestone achieved
Their delicate color conveys admiration and affection, a gentle way to express your growing feelings. Pink roses also symbolize joy and appreciation, making them a lovely token of gratitude for spending time together. 

New milestone achieved
Pink roses are perfect for celebrating your partner's achievement of a milestone, whether a promotion at work, graduation, or starting a new business. They convey a message of hope about the future. 

Birthdays and anniversaries
Show your gratitude with a pink rose to your partner during your anniversary. This flower's freshness and vibrant color spread happiness and make your partner feel appreciated for their efforts. 

100 Pink roses bouquet for a girlfriend
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Rekindle old friendship
A pink bloom can rekindle the flame of old friendship. It shows that you appreciate the experiences you share with the person and wish to continue the friendship. It also expresses your excitement and passion about your old friendship. 

Show support
You can show support to your partner using a pink rose during difficult times. It sends a message of hope and understanding that you acknowledge their efforts in moments of sorrow. It can also help to lighten up your partner's mood regardless of the challenging situation.

The Spiritual Meaning Of Red Roses


Red roses hold a very deep spiritual significance and can be associated with many religions. Spiritually, red roses symbolize the purest form of love you can show to someone. Sufism believes the rose symbolizes divine love and the longing to reconnect with divinity. The thorns on the roses mean one may face hardships and challenges on his path to redemption.


Spiritual meaning of red roses

In Christianity, red roses are often linked to the Virgin Mary and the blood of Christ. They are believed to stand for the love of God, the purity and motherly sacrifice of the Virgin Mary during and after the death of her child. The Christian tradition also believes the red color stands for the blood Christ shed on the cross for the sins of humanity. 

Other mystical traditions and secret societies have various spiritual meanings for red roses. For instance, some spiritualists believe red roses symbolize the gradual process of discovering one's potential and the attainment of wisdom. 

In all, red roses stand for the purest form of love, regardless of one's religious or spiritual affiliation.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the rose color symbolize?

Each color of the rose flower has a different meaning. For instance, red roses symbolize love and romance, pink roses symbolize gratitude and appreciation, yellow roses symbolize friendship and happiness, and white roses symbolize purity and innocence.  


What does it mean when someone buys you red roses?

When someone buys you red roses, it means the person is expressing their deep love and affection for you. They could also send some red roses to show that they have strong romantic feelings for you and wish to convey their heartfelt emotions using flowers. 


Do red roses mean I love you?

Red roses are generally accepted for expressing one's romantic affection to another person. It can also be used to say "I love you" to someone you have feelings for and wish to have a romantic relationship with.  


What does a pink rose symbolize?

A pink rose symbolizes joy, gratitude and admiration you have for someone. They are perfect gifts for celebrating your friend's achievements or milestones. Also, you can use the pink roses to rekindle the flames of old friendships or relationships. 

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