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Unlock The Florist's Secret: Learn How To Prolong The Freshness Of Your California Bouquet

Do you know you can show affection to your loved ones by buying flowers? At Black Orchid Flowers, we create stunning custom arrangements to make your loved ones feel special and loved. With our well-arranged California bouquet, you can express your emotions, feelings, and appreciation to your girlfriend, spouse, friend, or family member. Each bloom tells a story of elegance and sophistication, making your occasions unforgettable. Experience the epitome of floral luxury with Black Orchid Flowers, where every petal speaks volumes of beauty and grace.



How to Care For Your Flowers in Eight Easy Steps

The following are tips for keeping your California bouquet fresh and alive to serve you longer. 


Step 1: After receiving a bouquet, the first thing to do is to remove all paper wrap, plastic, and fixing tape from the flower. This will free the flower and give it access to fresher air, allowing it to stay alive longer. 


Step 2: Then, prepare a clean vase to store the flower. The vase should contain 2/3 still water to keep the flower fresh at all times. 


Step 3: While many florists may consider adding a small packet of flower food during delivery, if you don't find any in the flower delivery box, ensure to buy some. 


Step 4: Make an angled cut to allow the flowers to absorb more water. You can make a diagonal cut for a greater surface area, which is necessary to prolong the life of the flowers. 


Step 5: Unwanted leaves left under the water can rot and breed bacteria, which can be harmful to the flowers in the long run. So, it is best to remove any leaves from under the water in the vase. 


Step 6: Ensure all stems are dipped in fresh and clean water. You can also trim the stems of your bouquet to allow it to absorb the water easily. 


Step 7: Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight to avoid waking up to withered flowers. Exposure to ripening fruits can also cause the flowers to rot quickly. 


Step 8: You must always keep the water fresh and clean. We recommend changing the water daily to ensure your flowers are always in clean water. 

Buy Your Breathtaking California Bouquet at Black Orchid Flowers

Where you buy your flowers can determine the quality you get. For this reason, you can always rely on Black Orchid Flowers Beverly Hills. We provide the right bouquet to make your special day with loved ones memorable. Our professional florists are talented in finding suitable flowers to spice up your relationship or friendship. We also offer custom-made flower arrangements for your special event. Immerse yourself in a symphony of vibrant colors and fragrances meticulously crafted to elevate your special moments. Place an order with us today and get the best California bouquet with our same-day delivery service.



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